HKS History: Born in The Foothills of Mt. Fuji

HKS History: Born in The Foothills of Mt. Fuji

Two Skylines with HKS liveries in a concrete garage
Boxer motor with an HKS Carbon Fiber cover
Boxer motor powered by HKS
Source: HKS Facebook

The HKS name stands as a symbol of unbridled performance. From its modest beginnings to its towering presence in the aftermarket industry, HKS has woven a tale of passion, ingenuity, and a relentless pursuit of automotive excellence. This is the story of how they grew from a small tuning garage to a global icon in the automotive innovation.

HKS Bride Seats, 5 cars with different versions of HKS liveries
HKS Bride Seats staged in front of Racing Livery History. Some notable vehicles: GR Yaris, R32 Skyline, & all the way in the back, Drag Nissan s13 180sx.
Source: HKS
GR Yaris with a cloudy streak and Mt. Fuji behind it
HKS Racing Livery setup on a Gazoo Racing Toyota Yaris
Source: HKS

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