The LS Engine from GM: LS Swap Everything!

The LS Engine from GM: LS Swap Everything!

closeup of an upgraded LS1 engine
Modified LS1 Engine on display at SEMA
Source: Motofutura

The LS engine family, a revolutionary lineage of powerhouses developed by General Motors, has redefined automotive performance with its innovative designs and exceptional power output. From the introduction of the LS1 with its all-aluminum construction and compact design, to the LS2’s increased displacement and refined cylinder heads, each iteration has brought forth remarkable advancements. The LS6, a high-performance variant of the LS1, showcased the potential for substantial power gains. The LS7, with its 7.0-liter displacement and track-tested prowess, solidified its place as a performance icon. At the apex, the LS9 elevated the LS family with its supercharged might. 

LS Engine with chrome tubing and air ducts on black background
Still an LS! But just a bigger and better LS: The LT Engine
showcased by Brutespeed LSX

Across this spectrum of engineering marvels, a common theme emerges: the LS engine family’s influence extends far beyond factory installations. These engines have found new life through engine swaps, capturing the hearts of enthusiasts seeking unparalleled power and adaptability. Let’s delve into some standouts and explore why they’ve become the cornerstone of engine swapping, propelling the LS family into the pantheon of automotive greatness.

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