The FT-Se: Official Images from Toyota

The FT-Se: Official Images from Toyota

Closeup of front end of an orange FT-Se

Recently unveiled at the Tokyo Auto Salon, the FT-Se made a striking debut, capturing the spotlight with its avant-garde design and groundbreaking features. This battery electric high-performance two-seater sports car concept, embodying Toyota‘s commitment to a carbon-neutral future, showcased its prowess in aerodynamics and cutting-edge technology.

Orange FT-Se parked next to a blue background
The modern sports car? An EV breakthrough in the automotive landscape.
Source: ToyotaUK

Leveraging expertise from Toyota Gazoo Racing, this concept car redefines the future of high-performance vehicles, combining advanced aerodynamics with a sleek, low, and wide silhouette. The FT-Se boasts next-generation batteries with compact dimensions and high energy density, contributing to enhanced handling, cornering, and braking. The strategic use of lighter, smaller components further elevates its performance on both road and track.

Rear end of the Toyota FT-Se with red thin taillights on a black background
Aggressive body lines, shorter wheelbase, the modern sports car has “EV”olved!
Source: ToyotaUK

Inspired by classic sports cars (Toyota MR2), the FT-Se stands at a compact 1,220mm tall and 1,895mm wide, exuding a purposeful stance. Its aerodynamic profile, featuring smooth curves, trapezoid shapes, and a rear spoiler, reflects a fusion of timeless design and advanced technology.

The vehicle’s electric powertrain marks a significant leap forward, delivering pure thrills and responsiveness. The latest batteries, characterized by low height and high energy density, enable the FT-Se to push the boundaries of performance. Downsizing and weight reduction in key components, including the motor, transmission, and air conditioning unit, enhance traditional sports car qualities such as stable cornering and confident braking.

orange toyota FT-Se posed on a blue background
What are your thoughts? Reimagining of the Toyota MR2, but it’s an EV? Love or hate it, it’s here.
Source: ToyotaUK

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