BMW E36 in FD: Classic Euro’s Pumping Smoke & Turning Heads

BMW E36 in FD: Classic Euro’s Pumping Smoke & Turning Heads

Two blue BMW E36 m3's drifting through a turn with a huge cloud of smoke behind them
BMW E36 pro drift cars during the Long Beach stage at Formula Drift
Source: Formula Drift

The professional drift scene in recent memory has long been dominated by iconic platforms like the Ford Mustang, Toyota Supra, and Nissan S-Chassis, but this year BMW E36’s wanted some spotlight. However, spectators and fans received a bonafide treat with the appearance of not 1, but 2 E36 platforms driven by Conor Shanahan & Adam LZ.

Race course blocked out with tents, tables, and the ocean in the background
Formula Drift returns to Long Beach stage
Source: Formula Drift

Returning once again to the infamously brutal Long Beach stage, Formula Drift set the stage for a high-octane showdown of skill and adrenaline at the legendary circuit, but two classic Euros came to play. Against the backdrop of roaring engines and screeching tires, drivers maneuvered their machines with precision and flair, thrilling fans with daring drifts and nail-biting competition. Amidst the smoke and spectacle, it was the presence of the BMW E36 chassis that truly turned heads, signaling a departure from convention and a bold embrace of automotive diversity.

BMW E36 driven by a man in a race suit covered in smokey background
Conor Shanahan
Red Bull Garagistic E36
6.0L Supercharged V8
Source: Formula Drift
blue e36 with Redbull livery drifting through a turn
These E36 Formula Drift pro cars should look awfully familiar. Conor Shanahan driving the Garagistic E36 formerly driven by Rome Charpentier.
Source: Formula Drift
Pink and green BMW E36 drifting through a turn with stickers all along the side of the car
FD pro car, Garagistic E36 2023 Season driven by Rome Charpentier
Source: Formula Drift

Traditionally, Formula Drift has been synonymous with the thunderous roar of American muscle and the sleek lines of Japanese imports. However, the emergence of the BMW E36 represents a refreshing departure from the norm, challenging preconceived notions of what defines a competitive drift machine. This season isn’t the only relevance of an E36 gracing the FD circuit. As Rome Charpentier graced the 2023 FD season with an all too familiar Garagistic E36. That pro car would later be driven by Conor Shanahan for the 2024 season. Because of its agile handling and responsive chassis, the E36 offers a unique blend of performance and style that has captured the imagination of drift enthusiasts around the world. As Shanahan & LZ take advantage of the platform they and other drivers continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible with the E36, the drift scene stands on the brink of a thrilling new chapter.

Blue and pink accent E36 next to other modified cars with a bike on top
Adam LZ
3.0L 2JZ Inline 6
Source: Formula Drift
Two men in white race suits standing next to a red and blue cars with palm trees in background
Rookie FD driver: Hiroya Minowa (Rookie) takes down Adam LZ in seeding bracket at LB stage.
Source: Formula Drift

As the smoke clears and the cheers of the crowd fade into the distance, the 2024 Formula Drift Long Beach event has come and gone. But with drivers like Conor Shanahan and Adam LZ using classic Euro platforms once again, the FD scene continues to get better and better! What do you think, are the E36 platforms refreshing to see on the FD stage?

Adam LZ BMW E36 & Hiroya Minowa Toyota FRS GT86
Source: Formula Drift

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