The “Red Pig”: Mercedes’ AMG 300SEL Takes the Racetrack

The “Red Pig”: Mercedes’ AMG 300SEL Takes the Racetrack

red modified Mercedes car on racetrack with many decals covering the car
The Red Pig/Red Sow replica
Source: RM Sotheby

The story of the Red Pig/Red Sow begins in the late 1960s when Mercedes-Benz, renowned for its luxury sedans, embarked on an ambitious endeavor to enter the world of motorsport. Seeking to challenge the dominance of established racing marques, Mercedes turned to AMG, then an independent tuner, to transform its stately 300SEL sedan into a formidable competitor.

black and white photo of race car Red Pig on a track with spectators behind it
24hrs of Spa-Francorchamps: 2nd place finalists by Mercedes-AMG

Helmed by AMG founder Hans Werner Aufrecht and his team of engineers, the project was as daring as it was unconventional. The goal was clear: to create a high-performance racing machine capable of taking on the best in endurance racing. And thus, the Red Pig was born.

black and white photo of Red pig AMG 300SEL driving on a racetrack with specatators behind it
At the time a 6.8L V8 was a massive engine & certainly turned heads on the racetrack
Source: Mercedes

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