Ferrari 12Cilindri: A Modern Take on Heritage

Ferrari 12Cilindri: A Modern Take on Heritage

Red Ferrari 12Cilindri parked in front of a house
Ferrari 12Cilindri sportscar revealed during an exclusive Miami, Florida event.
Inspired by the 365 GTB/4 GT car.
Source: Ferrari
Red Ferrari 365 GTB/4 race car with number 64 on the door

Inspired by the sleek lines and exhilarating driving experiences of 1950s and 1960s Gran Turismo cars, the Ferrari 12Cilindri, available in a two-seater spyder too, encapsulates the essence of Ferrari’s rich heritage while embracing modern design sensibilities. It harks back to an era when open-top motoring was synonymous with adventure and style, offering aficionados a chance to relive the glory days of motoring while enjoying the latest in automotive technology.

Red Ferrari parked with clear skies in the background
Powered by a Naturally Aspirated V12 popularized by the infamous
Enzo Ferrari sports car that the engine is found in.
Source: Ferrari

Central to the Ferrari 12Cilindri is its iconic mid-front-mounted naturally-aspirated V12 engine, a powerplant revered by enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike. With a staggering output of 830 HP and the ability to rev up to 9500 rpm, this engine delivers an unparalleled driving experience that is both thrilling and intoxicating. It’s a direct descendant of the legendary V12 engine that powered the infamous Ferrari Enzo, ensuring that every journey in the 12Cilindri is accompanied by the symphony of a true automotive masterpiece.

Ferrari Enzo sports car driving on a racetrack
V12 Enzo Ferrari sports car
Source: Ferrari

Revealed at an event in Miami Beach, Florida, the Ferrari 12Cilindri represents the pinnacle of Ferrari’s engineering prowess and design innovation. Its sleek and futuristic exterior design, coupled with a meticulously crafted interior, exudes luxury and sophistication at every turn. From the sculpted bonnet to the muscular rear wing, every detail of the 12Cilindri has been carefully engineered to deliver both performance and elegance in equal measure.

Grey Ferrari 12Cilindri Spyder parked infront of a mirror
Available in Spyder trim, the 12Cilindri with its sleek body lines is both mature & tasteful.
Source: Ferrari

The decision to draw inspiration from the golden age of racing, particularly the iconic GT cars of the 1950s and 1960s, while harnessing the power of the legendary V12 engine is amazing! It represents a bold statement of Ferrari’s commitment to its racing heritage and the continuation of its legacy in the automotive world. The car is sleek and alluring yet mature with its body lines and prowess. The 800+ hp that the car makes definitely hits home as “ICE” vehicles and manual transmission cars begin to decline in the automotive space. Ferrari pays homage and capitalizes on a market that is being to change. How do you feel about Ferrari’s new sportscar the “12Cilindri”?

Front end of the Ferrari 12Cilindri with sky in background
Naturally Aspirated V12 Ferrari 12Cilindri—High revving powerhouse in a world of EV’s & Hybrids.
Source: Ferrari

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