Eccentrica Diablo—Restomod Lamborghini Offers Modernized Taste

Eccentrica Diablo—Restomod Lamborghini Offers Modernized Taste

Eccentrica Diablo side profile of car in white room
Rear side of the Diablo that has a name where the license plate goes. It says Eccentrica really dark background behind the car
Restomod Lamborghini Diablo designed out of Eccentrica’s—Carlo Borromeo
Source: Eccentrica

Carlo Borromeo’s choice of the Lamborghini Diablo as the foundation for his Eccentrica restomod project stems from a desire to celebrate and enhance the iconic nature of the original model. This project required meticulous design study to accentuate the Diablo’s personality and style. Led by design firm BorromeodeSilva, the emphasis was on preserving the car’s essence while infusing modern enhancements. The result is a fusion of classic allure and cutting-edge engineering.

Badge on side of car next to the wheel. The badge says BorromeodeSilva
BorromeodeSilva—a design group in Milan, Italy
Source: Eccentrica

Notably, the restomod boasts an upgraded engine performance, refining the original 5.7-liter V12. Technical advancements like new valves and camshafts slightly elevate the power output to 550 HP at 7,000 rpm, with torque reaching 600 Nm at 6,500 rpm. This is part of an ongoing validation process that combines traditional and composite materials, such as titanium and carbon fiber, to achieve a remarkable weight-to-power ratio below 2.9 kg/HP.

Cooper panel that covers the engine, gray bar below it
It’s all in the details
Source: Eccentrica
Silver Lamborghini with upgraded carbon fiber vents, grey background

In reimagining the exterior, BorromeodeSilva embarked on a comprehensive redesign. While the windshield remains untouched, almost all other body parts like bumpers, hoods, flanks, and side skirts have been replaced with precision-crafted components. This meticulous reconstruction ensures seamless integration and improved efficiency. The vehicle’s proportions have been pushed to the extreme, accentuating its aggressive stance, while the widened track enhances stability and handling.

Front shot of Eccentrica car with doors open. Car is in the white room

Attention to aerodynamics is evident throughout the design. The front end received a streamlined overhaul with a prominent extractor inspired by the Diablo GT. The iconic scissor doors and the addition of an aerodynamic fin on the side skirts contribute to both form and function. New 19” alloy wheels take cues from motorsport for added flair.

Black 19" Wheel up close, Eccentrica Diablo

The rear transformation is marked by horizontal design elements drawn from the original model. The inclusion of slender carbon bumpers, significant air intakes, and reinterpreted taillights highlights a modern touch. An eccentric yet compelling feature is the inclusion of “pop-down headlights” that exude a retro-futuristic appeal while adhering to contemporary standards.

headlights and Caron fiber front lip, Eccentrica Diablo
Who knew that “Pop Up” Headlights needed a modern redesign. Eccentrica uses “Pop-Down” headlights to reveal the headlights on their Restomod Diablo
Source: Eccentrica

Interior refinements provide a meeting point between 1990s minimalism and contemporary mechanics. Materials like leather and Alcantara blend seamlessly in a redesigned seating arrangement that combines elegance with sportiness. The steering wheel remains true to the Diablo’s essence while incorporating ergonomic upgrades. The interior is marked by clean lines, high-quality displays, and a powerful audio system developed in partnership with Marantz.

Retro Digital Dash and Blue alcantara interior of a Lamborghini
Retro Digital Dash, Gated Manual transmission, & Blue Alcantara Suede.
Eccentrica delivers astounding taste.
Source: Eccentrica
Blue alcantara seats with black leather center console

Technical development culminates in a driving experience that melds ultralight materials, advanced technical solutions, and elegant design. The prototype, poised for both street and track, exhibits impressive performance metrics: 0-100 km/h in 3.5 seconds, a top speed of 335 km/h, and 1.2g lateral acceleration in curves. These capabilities are amplified by a Brembo-designed braking system and CAPRISTO exhaust system, complementing the aggressive yet aerodynamic form.

Brembo brake calipers behind the spokes of a black wheel

Restomods, the trend of revitalizing iconic cars while infusing them with modern aesthetics, continues to capture the automotive world’s imagination. Among the distinguished list of vehicles undergoing this transformative journey, the Lamborghini Diablo emerges as a notable contender. Lamborghini’s legacy of merging performance and aesthetics finds new expression through Eccentrica’s endeavors. The project not only preserves the Diablo’s 80s legacy but elevates it with a touch of modernity, evident in the fusion of a digital-retro dashboard featuring blue Alcantara upholstery and refreshing the Diablo’s exterior with hints of carbon and reworked body lines.

Rear end of Diablo from Eccentrica white background
Silver Eccentrica Lamborghini Diablo, grey background
Eccentrica Restomod: Lamborghini Diablo
Source: Eccentrica

Eccentrica’s approach skillfully harmonizes the raw power of the 80s with the sophistication of today, resulting in an automotive work of art that encapsulates the car’s heritage while embracing fresh perspectives. How do you feel about the Restomod Diablo from Eccentrica?

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