Aston Martin Valkyrie: Jumping back into Endurance Racing in 2025

Aston Martin Valkyrie: Jumping back into Endurance Racing in 2025

Aerial view of Aston Martin Valkyrie, streaks of red, pink, blue, and green surrounding the car

A thrilling racing prototype version of the renowned Aston Martin Valkyrie is set to embark on the challenge it was born for – a triumphant return to the illustrious 24 Hours of Le Mans, commencing from the year 2025. This marks a significant milestone in the history of endurance racing, as it has been quite some time since an Aston Martin graced the iconic Le Mans circuit. Aston Martin, in partnership with Heart of Racing (HoR), its championship-winning endurance racing ally, is committed to fielding at least one Valkyrie racecar in the prestigious Hypercar class of the FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC) and the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championships (IMSA) from 2025 onwards. This endeavor will place the prototype Valkyrie squarely in the spotlight of three of sportscar racing’s most revered events: Le Mans, the Rolex 24 at Daytona, and the 12 Hours of Sebring.

Side view of Aston Martin driving and green, yellow, red, and blue streaking in the background
Powered by “The Heart of Racing” Aston Martin will once again grace the endurance circuit in 2025!
Source: Aston Martin

The Valkyrie, a pinnacle of engineering prowess, is set to redefine hypercar performance without the constraints of sporting regulations, delivering breathtaking and unparalleled speed. Lawrence Stroll, Executive Chairman of Aston Martin Lagonda, aptly captures the essence of this endeavor, stating, “Performance is the lifeblood of everything that we do at Aston Martin, and motorsport is the ultimate expression of this pursuit of excellence.” He further emphasized the brand’s rich history at Le Mans, showcasing 19 class victories and its last overall triumph in 1959. Aston Martin’s return to the pinnacle of endurance racing is a testament to its dedication to pushing the boundaries of performance.

rear 3/4 quarter view of hypercar Aston Martin Valkyrie driving through a turn, streaks of colors in background
Strapped with a 6.5L V12, the tastefully executed Aston Martin Valkyrie is a powerhouse!
Source: Aston Martin

Valkyrie AMR Pro, originally conceived to meet LMH hypercar regulations, is now undergoing transformation at Aston Martin Performance Technologies, situated at the heart of the Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant Formula One® team’s Silverstone headquarters. The car will be finely tuned to meet the defined aerodynamic and power performance parameters of the Hypercar class in WEC, ultimately ensuring competitive parity. The modified version of the remarkable Cosworth-built 6.5-litre naturally aspirated V12 engine, capable of revving to 11,000rpm and producing over 1000bhp, will power the race-optimized Valkyrie, engineered to withstand the demands of top-tier long-distance competition.

Front head on view of Aston Martin Valkyrie with headlights on
Aston Martin & The Heart of Racing an exciting collaboration.
Source: Aston Martin

“It’s a privilege to be able to bring Aston Martin back to the top of endurance racing with the Heart of Racing.”

Team Principal of Heart of Racing: Ian James

He highlighted the team’s alignment with the brand’s ethos and its readiness to compete at the highest levels. With the Heart of Racing at the helm, Aston Martin is poised to reclaim its glory in endurance racing, solidifying its presence across all facets of the sport.

Inspired by a spectacular road car—The Aston Martin Valkyrie
Source: Aston Martin

All of us here at Motofutura are excited to witness the return of British engineering excellence as Aston Martin unveils its remarkable Valkyrie hypercar at the prestigious Le Mans race. Debuting on this grand stage signifies a bold statement of Aston Martin’s resolute commitment to achieving greatness in endurance racing. The endeavor to challenge the limits and push the boundaries promises to captivate motorsport enthusiasts and reshape the future of sportscar racing.

Source: Aston Martin

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