The Toyota 2000GT’s History: An Answer to The 911?

The Toyota 2000GT’s History: An Answer to The 911?

Red Toyota 2000GT displayed on the showroom floor of a Toyota dealership

The Toyota 2000GT, a legendary Japanese sports car, emerged on the automotive scene in the 1960s, capturing the hearts of enthusiasts worldwide. Crafted with precision and style, the 2000GT was more than just a vehicle; it was a symbol of Japan’s capability to produce high-performance, aesthetically pleasing automobiles. Facing competition from the infamous Porsche 911 and influential Jaguar E-Type it debuted in an era dominated by European sports cars, the 2000GT marked Toyota’s ambitious leap into the realm of elite sports car manufacturing.

rear shot of a red Toyota 2000GT parked next to a desk in a showroom floor
1967 Toyota 2000GT displayed at a Toyota dealership at Stevens Creek Toyota—San Jose, CA
Source: Bring-A-Trailer
2000GT1967 – 19702.0 L 3M DOHC I6 (MF10)148 HP / 150 PS / 110 kW5-Speed ManualRWD
2000GT1967 – 19702.3 L 2M-B SOHC I6 (MF12)138 HP / 140 PS / 103 kW3-Speed AutomaticRWD
Approx. performance specs for 2000GT models

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