The Nissan SR20 Engine: 4 Cylinder Power

The Nissan SR20 Engine: 4 Cylinder Power

SR20DET: The Turbocharged Dynamo

Born in the early 1990s, the SR20DET DOHC variant of the SR20 engine is a powerhouse of performance. Designed to deliver exhilarating acceleration and top-tier power, production of the SR20DET began in 1989 and continued through the 2000s, cementing its status as an enduring icon in the realm of engines. Nissan would discontinue the motor in 2002, both the NA and Turbocharged versions were retired alongside the S15 Nissan Silvia.

red Nissan Silvia s15 in front of some garage doors
Nissan Silvia S15 imported by Top Rank Importers
Currently not “legally” drivable in the US, until January 2024
Source: Top Rank Importers
detail shot of engine block code on greasy crankcase
Engine code on a greasy crank case, Serial Code reads: SR20 240470W
Source: Steve Jin via Flickr

Known for its impressive power output, especially considering its displacement and era of production. The engine’s power output evolved over its various iterations. Early versions of the SR20DET typically produced around 205 horsepower, paired with torque figures of approximately 203 lb-ft. These power numbers, for their time, were quite competitive and contributed to the engine’s popularity. As advancements in engine technology and turbocharging emerged, later iterations of the SR20DET saw power outputs reaching up to 250 horsepower in factory trim. Torque figures were also enhanced, reaching around 207 lb-ft.

SR20DET 4 cylinder engine in a red Silvia s15

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