Goodwood Revival 2024 Makes Historic Motorsports Change

Goodwood Revival 2024 Makes Historic Motorsports Change

Several Porsche vehicles in racing liveries racing on a race track

Goodwood, UK Motorsports racing league, is making history with the 2024 Revival as the entire weekend of historic racing will be fueled exclusively by sustainable fuel. Building on its commitment to second-hand sustainability, Goodwood’s Revival emphasizes its Revive & Thrive ethos, securing the future of classic combustion engine cars with a minimum of 70% advanced sustainable components in the fuel, aligning with FIA requirements. Notably, this move follows the success of the sustainably-fueled Fordwater Trophy at the 2023 event, where a 1925 Bentley Speed Model claimed victory without compromising performance.

Source: Goodwood Road & Racing — Fordwater Trophy 2023

In a pioneering effort, Goodwood aims to champion sustainable practices in motorsport by requiring competitors to use a drop-in fuel with a significant sustainable component. The 2024 Revival marks a significant milestone in the transition to a carbon-neutral future, aligning with the broader motorsports industry’s push toward environmentally friendly practices. The use of sustainable fuels is not limited to the Revival, as Goodwood mandates their usage in the Ken Miles Cup and Gordon Spice Trophy at the 81st Members’ Meeting.

two men talking in racing suits with a camera filming them
Notable professional racecar drivers—Sebastian Vettel & Jenson Button during Festival of Speed 2023
Source: Goodwood

Several renowned figures in motorsport express their support for sustainable fuel alternatives. Four-time Formula 1 World Champion Sebastian Vettel lauds Goodwood’s leadership in promoting sustainable fuels at historic racing events, emphasizing the importance of such initiatives for the future of the sport. Former Formula 1 and Formula E driver Karun Chandhok applauds Goodwood’s innovative step in showcasing that high-performance classic cars can successfully run on new fuels, providing a socially responsible pathway for the future. Jenson Button, the 2009 Formula 1 World Champion, highlights the excitement surrounding the use of sustainable fuels, emphasizing their role in guaranteeing the future of historic racing and enabling the enjoyment of combustion engine cars for years to come.

Goodwood’s 2024 Revival stands as a groundbreaking moment in motorsport history, with the entire weekend of historic racing fueled exclusively by sustainable fuel. This move aligns with Goodwood’s commitment to second-hand sustainability and extends its Revive & Thrive ethos. With the support of renowned figures in motorsport for sustainable fuel alternatives, the importance of these initiatives for the future of historic racing is tremendous. Goodwood continues to lead the way in promoting sustainable practices, setting a precedent for the broader motorsports industry.

Porsche 911s one red and the other yellow, racing through a turn infront of spectators
Porsche 911s racing during a Goodwood Event in 2023.
Source: Goodwood

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