Luftgekühlt 2024: Celebrate The New Air|Water Event

Luftgekühlt 2024: Celebrate The New Air|Water Event

white Porsche F1 race car in front of a white 911 porsche
Luftgekühlt features Porsche Footwork F1 race car staged
at the Air|Water event in Orange County, CA.
Source: Motofutura

In the world of car enthusiasts, few events capture the imagination and excitement quite like Luftgekühlt. With the popular Porsche car show event kicking off an event tour in Orange County, CA let’s breakdown what Luftgekühlt 2024 & the new Air|Water event is. This iconic car show, dedicated to air-cooled Porsches, is the brainchild of two-time Le Mans winner Patrick Long and noted Southern California creative director Howie Idelson. What began as a personal quest for the perfect car experience has grown into a celebrated annual gathering that attracts Porsche enthusiasts from around the globe. Luftgekühlt is more than just a car show; it is a celebration of engineering, design, and the passionate community that surrounds these timeless vehicles.

three men with hats on one a holding a microphone in speaking in front of a crowd of people
Two time Le Mans winner—Patrick Long seated next to co-founder Howie Idelson speaking at the Air|Water event.
Source: Luftgekühlt

The story of Luftgekühlt starts with a simple yet profound desire: Patrick Long, a seasoned racer, and Porsche aficionado, could not find a car event that fully met his expectations. Despite attending numerous car shows and gatherings, Long felt something was missing. He envisioned an event that went beyond the traditional car show format, one that would highlight the unique history and culture of air-cooled Porsches in a way that resonated deeply with enthusiasts. Teaming up with Howie Idelson, a creative director with a keen eye for design and storytelling, Long set out to create an experience that would become the gold standard for Porsche events. Looking for the creme of the crop at this event, well we compiled a “Top 5 Cars at Luftgekühlt 2024” of some gems during the event.

Yellow and green porsche staged on a wooden platform with a crowd of people surrounding it
Manthey Porsche 911 GT3 R race car amongst a sea of Porsche enthusiasts.
Source: Luftgekühlt

So in 2014, Luftgekühlt was born. It has maintained a passionate core team that works tirelessly to deliver an unparalleled experience. Rooted in Southern California, the team includes event production experts, creatives, car handling specialists, and volunteers, all united by their love for Porsches and a desire to create something truly special.

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