Nissan R35: Takes its Final Bow in North America

Nissan R35: Takes its Final Bow in North America

Blue Nissan R35 parked at an angle on a race track with blue red and white sidelines
Nissan R35 — production ends in October
Source: Nissan

The final chapter of the legendary Nissan R35 generation GT-R is here, marked by the release of two exclusive, limited-production special editions. In homage to the iconic performance vehicle that has been a staple of Nissan’s lineup since its debut in 2007, the 2024 GT-R T-spec Takumi Edition and Skyline Edition celebrate the end of an era. After thrilling fans and drivers for over 17 years, production of the GT-R for the North American market will conclude in October. Renowned for delivering supercar-level performance at a relatively affordable price, the R35 GT-R has captivated a new generation of automotive enthusiasts in the U.S. and outperformed many higher-priced sports cars on the track. To commemorate its send-off, the 2024 Nissan GT-R special editions will be available, but with fewer than 200 units available! Nissan sends off the GT-R with a rare and exclusive farewell.

Nissan GT-R badge in the center of a purple car
Two special editions will feature: Midnight-Purple & Bayside Blue
Source: Nissan

The GT-R T-spec Takumi Edition honors the master craftspeople, or “takumi,” who hand-assemble each GT-R VR38DETT engine, traditionally the RB26 was the infamous inline-6 powerplant in the R34 models, powers the R35 line. Featuring red-etched writing on the engine badge and a gold VIN plate in the engine bay, this edition signifies meticulous attention to detail and precise engine assembly. Under the hood, the twin-turbocharged 3.8-liter V6 delivers the exhilarating performance GT-R fans expect.

VR38DETT engine with a gold valve cover with a special edition name badge
“Handbuilt by Takumi”
Source: Nissan

Visually striking, the T-spec Takumi Edition sports a Midnight Purple paint job, reminiscent of some of the most iconic Skyline/GT-R special editions. The interior is adorned with exclusive Mori Green trim. Mechanically, it boasts GT-R NISMO carbon-ceramic brakes, gold-painted RAYS® 20-inch forged wheels, NISMO-tuned Vehicle Dynamic Control, and wider front fenders.

two Nissan GT-R R35's parked next to one another on a racetrack
Which special edition R35 do you like more?
Source: Nissan

The GT-R Skyline Edition brings the legendary name from overseas to the U.S., celebrating the beauty of Japanese skylines. Building on the GT-R Premium model, it features Bayside Blue paint and a new Sora Blue interior color scheme. Bayside Blue, a fan favorite, was revived for the 50th-anniversary edition in 2019 after being retired following the R34-generation GT-R.

As the R35 GT-R production comes to an end, these special editions serve as a fitting tribute to one of Nissan’s flagship models. The iconic name and platform has long lasting generations and sought after by many, finally comes to an end, unfortunately. While the R35 hasn’t seen major developments in the last decade, indeed a no brainer for Nissan to cease production after maximizing the potential of the “Skyline” name for years. The R35 GT-R stands as the pinnacle of JDM legend vehicles, and though it’s unfortunate to see its end, this change reflects the evolving landscape of the automotive world.

Two Nissan R35 cars with taillights facing the sunset background
Farewell to the GT-R R35.
Source: Nissan

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