Lamborghini Countach from “Wolf of Wall Street”: Auction in NYC

Lamborghini Countach from “Wolf of Wall Street”: Auction in NYC

RM Sotheby’s—the esteemed purveyor of luxury car auctions, is gearing up for a triumphant return to NYC. Among these extraordinary vehicles up for auction: the Lamborghini Countach from The Wolf of Wall Street.

white Lamborghini countach with directors chair in front of it dark black background
Lamborghini Countach 1 of 2 used in the film “Wolf of Wall Street” alongside co-star Leonardo DiCaprio
Source: RM Sotheby

One of the undeniable stars of this auction is a 1989 Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary edition. Gracing the screen alongside Leonardo DiCaprio, who portrayed the charismatic high-stakes financier Jordan Belfort in Wolf of Wall Street, this particular Countach, finished in the elegant Bianco Polo over Bianco combination, symbolizes a pinnacle acquisition in the world of both the film and the late 1980s high life. Its significance, however, reaches beyond its glamourous Hollywood association.

rear side of white Countach car black background
Source: RM Sotheby

Crafted as the ultimate manifestation of the legendary Countach, this specific iteration boasts advancements influenced by the celebrated Horacio Pagani. It represents a marriage of Lamborghini’s iconic legacy and Pagani’s engineering brilliance. Only twelve of these US-specification Countach models, bedecked in the rare Bianco Polo livery, are believed to exist, making this an exceedingly rare opportunity for collectors. With an estimated price range of $1,500,000 to $2,000,000, the allure of possessing this automotive gem is undeniable.

Captivatingly, the Countach being offered is one of the two employed during the filming of The Wolf of Wall Street. It served as the vehicular embodiment of Jordan Belfort’s aspirations, embodying the embodiment of excess and ambition. Unlike its on-screen counterpart, which bore the scars of a dramatic nighttime drive, this Countach, with chassis number KLA12722, emerged unscathed from its cinematic role. It’s a quintessential blend of Lamborghini’s legendary craftsmanship and Hollywood’s everlasting allure, a symbol that resonates across generations.

White Lamborghini Countach butterfly doors open on black background
Automotive co-star to A-List actor — Leonardo DiCaprio, this Countach used in the film
Wolf of Wall Streetwill be auctioned off in New York City. Appraised at a mere 1.5 – 2 Million USD.
Will you be participating in bidding for this iconic vehicle?
Source: RM Sotheby

As it highlights the incredible opportunity to own a truly iconic car with a rich cinematic history is up for grabs in the Big Apple; the fact that this particular Lamborghini Countach was one of only two used in the making of The Wolf of Wall Street adds an extra layer of significance, making it a genuine piece of cinema history. The estimated price range raises an interesting question about the value of such a unique piece, but I’m sure if one could attend an event like RM Sotheby’s Luxury Auction, that this generally wouldn’t be an issue.

While the price tag is substantial, it provokes consideration: would owning a piece of cinema royalty and automotive legend be worth the investment? If money being no object, it is definitely a tempting deal to entertain. Would you be placing a bid on this masterpiece of a lifetime?

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