Nissan 240sx: The US’ Go-To Drift Platform

Nissan 240sx: The US’ Go-To Drift Platform

Yellow and Black AEM racing livery on Nissan S14 driving on a racetrack
Source: Motofutura

The Nissan 240SX, known as the Nissan Silvia in the Japanese market, stands as an intriguing embodiment of automotive dualism. While the name may differ depending on the side of the Pacific Ocean you find yourself, the essence of this beloved sports car remains unwavering. In the United States, it’s the 240SX – a nameplate revered for its dynamic performance and timeless style across several generations stemming from the Early 90s. On the other side of the world, in Japan, it transforms into the Silvia – a symbol of meticulous engineering and sporty sophistication.

Nissan 240sx Badge above the red and orange taillights
Perhaps one of the most iconic drift platforms available in the aftermarket scene. The 30 year old drift missile still leads the pack in ease of use and modifiability.
Source: Bring-A-Trailer

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