Joyride Auction from Musician Pharrell’s Private Collection Begins

Joyride Auction from Musician Pharrell’s Private Collection Begins

side profile shot of Porsche 930A 911 with a livery on it next to a white wall
“Joyride Auction” opens in New York—A mix of rare classic vehicles form
musician Pharrell’s private collection.
Source: Joopiter

Launching on May 1st in New York, the highly anticipated “Joyride Auction,” hosted by Joopiter Content House under the ownership of musician Pharrell, promises a showcase of automotive excellence. Among the standout offerings are coveted vehicles like the Lancia Delta Integrale, Porsche 930A, and Porsche 968 Club Sport, each embodying a rich tapestry of engineering prowess and historical significance. This event marks a convergence of passion, craftsmanship, and culture, inviting enthusiasts from all walks of life to immerse themselves in the exhilarating world of high-end car collecting.

modified Grey Lancia Delta Integrale infront a white wall
Restomod 1990 Lancia Delta Integrale designated “Bastarda” & a 1998 OEM+ Club Sport Porsche 968
Source: Joopiter
Black interior of yellow Porsche 968

Joopiter, invites enthusiasts to experience the thrill of owning and driving these remarkable automobiles. From the adrenaline-inducing performance of the twin-turbo Dinan BMW 850i to the timeless nostalgia of the Nissan Skyline R33 and even though quirky VW Golf Country edition, each car in this auction offers a gateway to a world where passion meets precision.

Green VW GOLF Country edition parked on the asphalt
An off road, Golf GTI “Country”, should we be surprised? (Above) Nissan Skyline GT-R R33 V-Spec along with a Twin-Turbo Dinan 850i are also included in the “Joyride” collection.
Source: Joopiter
Closeup of Nissan Skyline R33 headlights and badge

Yep, it caught our eye… Definitely a can’t miss event showcasing the vast array of rare vehicles. Yes, it’ll definitely be a pretty penny to own any single car from the “Joyride Auction” and one could only wonder owning any one of these iconic vehicles. Notably though, the Club Sport 968 and the 930A Porsche emerge as standout attractions over here at “MF”, as their timeless appeal and undeniable prestige amid a crowd of automotive wonders greatly stand out!

Interior shot of Porsche 930A restomod with updated interior
Restomod 911 930A from Arsham Studio, can’t believe Pharrell is letting this go!
Source: Joopiter

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